Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Here is a Great Brand Promotion Idea - Offer Personalised Lanyards

There are many store owners who think about offering personalised lanyards to their customers but reject the idea because they get feedback from their custom lanyards stating that such lanyards are considered un-cool gifts.
The truth is that most of us find personalised lanyards very useful. We all love to sport a cell phone band or a music cover cord that proclaims that the object belongs to us. However, we often hide our jealousy and envy by degrading these lanyards as un-cool objects. Why should you seriously contemplate offering personalised lanyards to your customers as gifts?
The first and the most important reason is that it establishes a bond between you and your customer immediately. The fact that you bother to keep track of the name of the customer and print the same on the lanyard that you are distributing for free will definitely boost your goodwill. Just ensure you get the name of the customer right. Nobody wants to sport lanyards that do not spell right.
Secondly, lanyards are very useful. Just take a look at the number of objects that we use on a daily basis that can be lost very quickly. Music players, pen drives, flash drives and key chains - everything has become so small and compact that you can easily misplace these objects. A lanyard will help you keep track of these things.
Thirdly, there is no restriction on how you can use the lanyards. You can use it to ensure your expensive cell phone does not fall to the ground. You can also use it to prop up the scarecrow in your kitchen garden to scare birds away. It really does not matter how you use it. The choice is completely yours.
If you travel a lot, then you can use lanyard to store all driving related documents in your car. You need not riffle through the papers when you need your license or insurance papers. You simply need to tug at the personalised lanyards and the document would be in your hand.
We all like to receive free gifts. However, we are never comfortable with the idea of doing something in return in exchange of the gift. This makes it very difficult to accept expensive gifts during brand promotion events. We feel that the seller would impose obligations on us and we would have no option but to provide business to the person providing free gifts.
There is no such moral confusion involved in accepting lanyards. You simply be accepting a cord with a clasp attached to it. Such inexpensive gift gives your customers enough freedom to escape any obligation or duty towards the promoter.
Hence, even though your customers have given your feedback that custom lanyards are un-cool, you should order these in bulk and store them. Started distributing the lanyards and then find out whether your customers still feel so. Chances are high that they would appreciate you for giving such a useful gift. Your brand will definitely benefit due to your smart thinking.


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